Welcome to my spot in the digital universe. For nearly thirty years, I’ve been an environmental journalist, seeking to reveal the system of economic and political interests that facilitates destruction of our environment and threats to our health. One environmental enforcement agent characterized this to me as searching for the clues to “murder in the future.”

My most recent book is called CARBON SHOCK: A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of the Disrupted Global Economy. The story is told in a series of narratives from around the world where the costs of climate change are being experienced and where the battle over shifting to a less carbon-intensive economy is being fought. You can find more on the book here.

I continue to write about and explore these and related themes: You can find links to those and other stories here.

A note about the photo above, and others on this website: They’re taken by Peter Cunningham, photographer, friend and sometime collaborator. We’ve journeyed to the agricultural regions of California for an ongoing project to evoke in prose, poetry and photos how climate change is impacting the growing of food. Stay tuned.

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