Recent Stories

I am continuing to report on and write about the issues surrounding the true costs of fossil fuels and the multiple possibilities for imposing a price on carbon.

Here are some recent stories on the economic impacts of climate change–a key theme of Carbon Shock–and related to the climate talks in Paris at the end of 2015.

Newsweek: COP21: Cities Move to Climate Talks’ Center Stage

Yale 360: Oil Companies Quietly Prepare for a Future of Carbon Pricing

The Guardian:  BP and Other Companies Have to Pay for Spills – What About Pollution?

Los Angeles Times:   The Carbon Taxes We’re Already Paying

Greenbiz: Carbon Shock: More Leaders are Following the Money

The Nation: Is Pittsburgh Really Green—Or is it Just Outsourcing its Pollution? (adapted from chapter 6)

Virgin United: Welcome to the Era of Carbon Shock (adapted from the Introduction)

Earth Island Journal: Carbon in the Tank (adapted from chapter 5)